Star Wars: Squadrons Is First-Person Only To Maintain The “Core Experience”

Star Wars: Squadrons Is First-Person Only To Maintain The "Core Experience"

Many of the folks that were around for the Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay reveal earlier this week were disappointed that the title is by no means meant to be a replacement for the Rogue Squadron games of old. Instead, the EA Motive-developed title is looking to offer a more intimate experience, providing players with a conduit with which to experience how it feels to be an actual pilot within the resistance or the Empire. To that end, it was recently revealed that Star Wars: Squadrons will take place entirely in first-person with the exception of spectator mode.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Star Wars: Squadrons creative director Ian Frazier spoke at length about the decision to make the game a fully first-person experience. “The whole game is designed from the ground up to be first-person all the way through,” Frazier explained.  “Now if you’re in spectator mode, you’re observing, there’s a third-person perspective there. You are the pilot.”

All the diegetic information is built into the hud, so you could turn off all the game layer UI if you want and rely entirely on your instruments. We want that to be the core experience.”

Naturally, slipping into third-person in Star Wars: Squadrons would undoubtedly give players an advantage against those playing in first-person, as such it’s an absolute lock for anyone playing the game. Frazier also brings up how the team looked to the old X-Wing vs TIE Fighter game to help better differentiate the feel of the gameplay when switching between ships. “The answer then, in 1997, was you have a lot less stuff to deal with in an Imperial ship. And that is, in a sense, an advantage. I’ve actually found that to be shockingly true in our game,” Frazier said. “The TIE Fighter doesn’t have shields – which, you don’t have shields, which is a downside, right? But that also means you don’t have to manage shields. It’s one less thing to manage, so there’s less head-space required for that… The counterbalance of what you’re losing is what you’re gaining in focus.”

Star Wars: Squadrons is slated to release on October 2nd this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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