Star Wars: Hunters Trailer Reveals New Characters And Arena (VIDEO)

Star Wars Hunters Trailer

It is quite well known that the Star Wars franchise is one of the most merchandised intellectual properties ever, and that extension into the world of video games has been well exhibited. With EA having had essentially an exclusive license over the Star Wars franchise the past few years, that exclusivity appears to be loosening now. Such has been confirmed with the recent announcement of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake being developed outside of EA. A new Star Wars game from Zynga had also been previously announced this year, with the first look at the new characters in the game being revealed with a new Star Wars Hunters trailer.

Nintendo has released the new Star Wars Hunters trailer on their official YouTube channel recently. The trailer shows a variety of combatants called Hunters fighting in The Arena on the planet of Vespaara for a large audience of spectators during the post-Return of the Jedi era. The big focus in this trailer is the cast of new characters playable in the game. Seen first in the trailer is Rieve, a humanoid red lightsaber-wielding dark side user, engaging in combat against Aran Tal, a Mandalorian warrior that flies with a jet pack.

Star Wars Hunters Trailer

Soon after, Rieve is attacked by a large Wookiee named Grozz that wields two giant droid arms as weapons and shields. Grozz is quickly distracted by a barrage of blaster fire from Sentinel, an ex-Imperial Stormtrooper. Also seen in the massive fight are a pair of Jawas stacked on top of each other and a droid dressed as a Jedi named J-3D1. Lastly revealed are an Ugnaught that uses a repurposed Destroyer Droid and a former Rebel soldier with robotic legs named Zaina. The Star Wars Hunters trailer promises a colorful, vibrant free-to-play game that is going to be so wizard when it launches on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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