Star Fox Developer Would Love to Bring the Series to the Nintendo Switch

Star Fox Dev discusses bringing the series to the Switch

Star Fox has been a Nintendo console mainstay ever since the franchise first arrived on the Super NES back in 1993. Spanning two decades and over five games, the Star Fox series is arguably as synonymous with Nintendo as the Metroid Prime series despite some of its sequels not always living up to expectations. Recently, Star Fox dev Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Kyoto-based publisher Q-Games, sat down for a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to discuss his ideas for future Star Fox games, as well as his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch and his desire to see a new Star Fox game come to Nintendo’s newest console.

Though subject matter tends to bounce around in Reddit AMAs, the questions posed to the Star Fox dev primarily focused on his work on both Star Fox and its unreleased sequel Star Fox 2. One Reddit user asked Cuthbert if he was “working on a Star Fox 64 remake for the Nintendo Switch” and also mentioned that they “loved the remake on 3DS.”  Cuthbert responded that he and Q-Games are not currently involved with a Switch version of Star Fox 64, though he presents a very clear vision for what he would like to see in a current generation Star Fox game.

“It would have to be epic, the game is always best when it takes on and copies the big classic scenes in science fiction movies such as Independence Day and Star Wars.  But at the same time I would want to work on the controls and gaming loops surrounding the player’s actions, and arguably this is what I added to the original Star Fox too, with the hit-flashes and rings and direction-flickable barriers, that’s the stuff that is really good fun.”

Another fan of the Star Fox series asked Cuthbert what he thought about the Nintendo Switch and whether or not a new (or old) Star Fox game could ever come to Nintendo’s newest console. So far, Cuthbert loves the Switch, but he has not been approached by Nintendo for a new Star Fox game yet!

Star Fox Dev hosts a Reddit AMA

“I think the Switch is awesome – perhaps the res could have been higher, but maybe that would have resulted in a smaller screen to keep cost down.  The idea is very cool though and I’m playing Zelda (of course).  I’m sure Nintendo must be thinking about Star Fox for Switch but we aren’t involved in that (I must admit it would be fun to do though!).”

The AMA also circled back around to Cuthbert’s work on Star Fox 2, which was originally scheduled to be released in the summer of 1995. Despite the game being completely finished, the game was never released for the Super NES, due in part to the upcoming release of the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo’s desire to use the best tech available for a new Star Fox game. The Star Fox dev was understandably disappointed that two years of his work never completely saw the light of day.

“It was very disappointing of course, I had spent two years making the game and put so many ideas into it.  I could understand the marketing/publisher logic behind the decision, but it was still disappointing.”

So, thoughts on the Star Fox developer’s AMA? Would you like to see a new Star Fox game on the Nintendo Switch, despite Star Fox Zero’s shortcomings?  Let us know in the comments section below and, as always, stay tuned to DFTG for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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