star fox 2 cartridges

SNES Star Fox 2 Cartridges are Already Being Pirated (VIDEO)

The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Classic Edition sold out at pre-order and has been moving quickly off the shelves since its release on September 29th. The appeal of nostalgia…

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Star Fox 2 manual

Nintendo Releases Star Fox 2 Manual Complete With New Artwork

The prospect alone of a SNES Classic existing already excited Nintendo fans already crazed over the NES Classic, but the addition of Star Fox 2, the long-lost sequel of the…

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SNES Classic Features Shown Off in Nostalgic New Ad – Includes Rewind Ability (VIDEO)

SNES Classic Features Shown Off in Nostalgic New Ad – Includes Rewind Ability (VIDEO)

The SNES Classic Edition has not even been released and the retro microconsole has already sold out nearly everywhere on the web. The system’s wide appeal among gamers is likely…

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SNES Classic Edition Pre-Ordering

Nintendo Confirms SNES Classic Edition Pre-Ordering For Later This Month

Nintendo fans have been vigilantly scouting the internet for news on the availability of the SNES Classic Edition ever since the nostalgic device’s existence was confirmed by Nintendo in late…

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Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 Developers Celebrate Release of the Upcoming SNES Classic Title

After 22 years, Star Fox 2 is finally releasing to the public and no one is happier about it than the team behind the game’s intense development. The game will…

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SNES Classic

SNES Classic Edition Confirmed – Arriving This Fall With the Unreleased Star Fox 2

All aboard the nostalgia train! Ever since it was announced the NES Classic would be discontinued, rumors have been swelling that the next console in line would receive the same…

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