It’s No “Space Force,” But This New Astronaut Onesie Is Pretty Darn Sweet, Available Now

I know, I know … who could possibly compete with the infamous (and yes, we mean infamous) “Space Force?” It’s a tough act to follow but we think this nifty astronaut NASA-inspired…

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Elite Dangerous Beyond

WATCH: Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter One Drops Beta Teaser

The team at Frontier Development has released a trailer for the Elite Dangerous Beyond – Chapter One beta, along with some details on when and what to expect in the…

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Heartbreaking Last Messages Back Home From the Crew in Latest Alien: Covenant Trailer (VIDEO)

From the teasers we’ve seen thus far, the latest installment to the Alien franchise ‘Covenant’ is going to be just as terrifying as fans would expect. With the film’s release…

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Andromeda Romance Aspects

BioWare Talks About Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance Aspects and the Decisions Behind Them

The release of the much anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda is here, and aside from issues that some fans are finding fault with enough to cause BioWare to suggest fixes will…

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Star Citizen Funding Surpasses 144 Million Dollars – Brand New Ship Added Announced

The team over at Cloud Imperium Games dropped some good news for Star Citizen hopefuls – after surpassing the $144 million milestone in their Star Citizen funding campaign, a brand new…

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Mass Effect Andromeda WILL NOT Have a Season Pass – Plus Early Access Details

Two simple words can either make or break a gamer’s attitude when talking about their favourite past-time: Season Pass. For some, it’s like a gift that keeps on giving –…

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Dishonored 2 Developers Say Upcoming Title ‘Prey’ will be “Flawless” upon Release (VIDEO)

The upcoming FPS title Prey is a highly anticipated title slated for 2017 that crafts a strong narrative with its decision-based storyline and suspenseful atmosphere. After Dishonored 2 experienced some…

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