Square Enix RPG ‘Octopath Traveller’ Blends Old School with New – Demo Now Available (VIDEO)

Octopath Traveller' Blends Old School with New – Demo Available (VIDEO)

Announced recently at Nintendo Direct, Square Enix has unveiled the tentatively-titled Project Octopath Traveller: a new RPG that aims to be a mix of stunning old school and new school visuals as well as strategy-filled turn-based gameplay. Using a set of eight characters, each with unique origins, talents, and goals, players will embark on their own adventure through the land of Orsterra, choosing where the journey goes each step of the way.

Eight brave souls, each with a unique talent. Eight lands, eight stories to be told. So tell me friend, what path will you tread?”

The most apparent aspect to take away from Project Octopath Traveller is the stunning visual style that combines a pixel art style reminiscent of early Final Fantasy titles with detailed 3D environments that give the game a very unique look. The developers have come to call the interesting graphics engine “HD-2D.”

Characters that players can chose from are varied in terms of abilities, with each sporting a unique command exclusive to that character. For example, the warrior Olberic has the ability to challenge others to a duel, a great way to fight some bad guys or to remove those who stand in the way of a quest. Another useful talent can be found in Primrose the dancer: the ability to convince NPCs to follow her around. This skill would be especially helpful in leading do-badders into traps and in easing those inevitable escort missions.

Octopath Traveller' Blends Old School with New – Demo Available (VIDEO)

Turn-based RPG makes a comeback in Octopath Traveller, but with a few new mechanics introduced to keep things fresh. The Boost System is a new way for players to earn abilities and attacks by just playing the game. During battle, characters will be awarded a boost point for use in purchasing new attacks or power-ups, but can also be used to perform chain attacks on enemies or replenish the energy of a fellow party member.

Project Octopath Traveler is scheduled for a simultaneous worldwide release sometime in 2018, but Nintendo has put out a special demo in the eShop later today for the Nintendo Switch. Participants are encouraged to complete a survey afterwards asking players’ thoughts on what has been released so far.

What do you think? Does Octopath Traveller look like a swell time for retro RPG fans, or does one need to play it for themselves to judge? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on the Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more news from the recent Nintendo Direct, check out these next few articles:

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