Spider-Man PS4 Could Feature Multiple Spider-Men

Spider-Man PS4

What’s better than one Spider-Man? Two Spider-Men, of course! A new report from ComicBook indicates that the highly anticipated Spider-Man PS4 will show off multiple characters donning the iconic suit.

At SDCC 2018, ComicBook sat down with Lead Writer Jon Paquette to discuss the game. While I highly recommend watching the entire interview, one answer stood out more than the rest.

ComicBook: Is there potential for other characters to put on suits?
Paquette: Uh, you mean Spider-Man suits? Other characters putting on Spider-Man suits? Um… that’s a good question. I don’t have a great answer for that without spoiling anything.

Despite his attempts at deflection, Paquette all but confirmed that we will see other characters rocking the red and blue. Thankfully, he kept his reveal to a minimum, leaving fans to speculate which character(s) will wear the suit.

Miles Morales remains the safe bet to be the second Spider-Man. Miles makes a cameo in the Silver Sable story trailer to provide Peter Parker and MJ an assist. Is it possible that he and Peter could wear suits simultaneously to battle the Sinister Six? That would lead to some incredible fight sequences in Spider-Man PS4.

We also already know that we can play as MJ in some missions. This goes a bit against canon, but perhaps MJ will put on the suit in a moment of crisis. As this is an original story—though clearly inspired by the “Breakout!” storyline—it’s important that Paquette and his team take some risks. Canon fanatics (canatics?) may oppose that decision as she only became Spider-Woman in alternative timelines. If it works for the story, though, it’s a risk worth taking.

You can watch Paquette’s full interview with ComicBook here.

Spider-Man PS4 launches on September 7th. You can pre-order both the PS4 Pro bundle and the Collector’s Edition now.

Who else do you hope puts on the suit? Give us your best theories in the comment section, on Twitter, or on Facebook!

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