Skyrim Gets Spiritual With Total Overhaul Mod Adding New Gods and Visions


Skyrim already has a diverse cast of deities for players to serve through various actions and questlines, however, there could be more done with the various religious icons in the game. An ambitious mod called Religion gives players a chance to gain the favor or disdain of different gods based on the actions they take throughout their time in the land of Skyrim. As a result of their actions, players can either be blessed or cursed by each of the gods of the franchise, giving players a unique way to play the game. A recent update for the mod has recently seen an overhaul that unlocks a series of visions, constellations, and much more for the holy experience.

Each god within the world is looking for something different and players are able to uncover hints to what each one desires through the act of prayer and worship. By worshipping a god at designated locations for the appropriate length of time, players will receive visions from the gods that allow them to ask for guidance or perhaps a boon. Players may want to be careful though as asking for gifts too soon could result in the players being cursed instead. In order to uncover the different blessings and curses players could have placed on them, it will be important for them to explore and read, uncovering the knowledge necessary to improve the disposition between adventurer and god.


Currently, the deities available for players to worship includes the Nine Divines, the 16 Daedric Lords, the 13 Constellations, and even various other Ancient Spirits such as Sithis, Magnus, and many more. The Nexus Mods page reveals some further details on how exactly the deities will judge players, though there will still be plenty for them to uncover themselves.

It is important to note that the Religion mod is only available through PC and Nexus Mods. Let us know your thoughts on the Religion mod for Skyrim and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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