Shadow of the Colossus Creator Teases “Completely New Title” In Development

Ueda genDESIGN Screenshot

Fumito Ueda has crafted a number of games that represent all that is right with the medium. Gorgeous graphics, beautiful narratives, unique mechanics and characters—what’s not to love? For loyal fans of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian, today’s news should put a smile on your face: Ueda and his team are hard at work on their next title.

In an interview with Famitsu (via Gematsu), Ueda discussed genDESIGN’s upcoming project. Ueda confirmed that the new game is “a completely new title,” but offered nothing on the game’s plot or mechanics. Ueda did state that the game would be “something on the scale” of his previous titles. In other words, genDESIGN plans to make a tight and cohesive story in a large world.

Ueda declined to give any concrete details about the next game, which is probably for the best. While I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Guardian, there was absolutely no chance it would ever deliver on a decade of hype after Shadow of the Colossus. By playing things close to the vest, Ueda can keep fans guessing and building their own anticipation until he is ready to fully reveal the title. Players are left to speculate wildly, knowing full well that their guesses will likely be proven wrong.

Now allow me to speculate wildly.

Prior to the interview, the following image was the only teaser we had about genDESIGN’s next title. I left it unedited to add to some suspense. 

genDESIGN New Game

We see a woman sitting on an altar, seemingly as an offering to the massive creature on the right. Flying above her are a number of birds that seem to resemble sea gulls. The image alone reveals nothing, but a Reddit user found the text “Beauty and the Beast 2018” hidden within the source code. All of that brings only one idea to mind: King Kong. I sincerely doubt that Ueda and his team are working on a King Kong game, but I believe they will use that timeless story as the inspiration for their next title. Another companion and large-scale creature adventure? Yes please! 

Of course, that’s a shot in the dark based on a New Year’s image and a line of text. But what fun are teasers if you don’t throw random guesses into the abyss of the internet?

With so few details, it’s hard to guess when genDESIGN’s next game will launch. We’re hoping it’s before 2028. We will keep you updated on any news regarding Ueda’s secretive new title. To make sure you don’t miss a story, remember to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks, IGN.

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