Send Sombra Skydiving Thanks to Amusing Overwatch Glitch

sombra skydiving glitch

Overwatch has a small glitch in the “custom game” setting that causes her translocator to send the newest character skydiving from great heights. Newest hero on the roster, Sombra, was announced at Blizzcon 2016 with an animated short showing her collaboration with Reaper and Widow Maker and she instantly became a hit, despite her dual nature.

sombra skydiving glitch

Thanks to a pretty amusing glitch, Overwatch players have found a new reason to play as the latest hero. You can only cause this glitch in the custom game, because there needs to be no cool down time on her abilities for this to work. In a similar fashion to Tracer’s ‘Rewind,’ Sombra has the ability to place a ‘Translocator’ beacon which she can instantly return to even if it is still in mid-air. It’s simple, you just have to continuously throw the translocator in the air over and over, climbing higher and higher each time before free falling back down to Earth. Here is a video compilation of the Sombra skydiving glitch:

You can do this on any of the Overwatch maps and then see the whole place from the sky as you fall. It’s beautiful really and a fun discovery to play around with. Have you played the new hero Sombra yet on the PTR? Do you enjoy playing her? Have you tried taking Sombra skydiving? Let us know in the comments section below and tune in with us here at Don’t Feed the Gamers for all things gaming and more!

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