SEGA App Lets You Play Real Japanese Claw Games And Win Prizes

Sega app

While the gaming industry continues to evolve and introduce new technologies, classic gaming pastimes still have managed to survive into the 21st century. One company that has managed to endure is SEGA and while their days as a console maker have faded, the company has continued to see success not just in software, but also in the world of arcade machines. While not overly popular in the US, arcades are still quite the attraction in Japan, often existing in strange forms like video game urinals. With that in mind, a new SEGA app has now been made available in the West, allowing users to play SEGA claw machines in Japan and win actual prizes.

After being available in Japan for about three years now, SEGA recently made its SEGA Catcher Online app available on the iOS App and Google Play Store. The debuting app allows users to remotely control a real-life SEGA claw machine somewhere in Japan, letting players select prizes and attempt to clutch them with the game’s mechanical arms. If a player successful claws an item, the prize will be shipped directly to their residence–usually after a week since it will be coming from Japan.

Prizes include plush toys, figures, and pillows of famous anime and video game characters and is played using the game’s in-app currency. Each attempt costs between 100 and 200 SEGA points, with 130 points available for $1.99 USD. It should be noted that only one item can be shipped for free per week, with more being allowed in exchange for more SEGA points. For those worried about wasting money trying to get good, the SEGA app features a training version of the machines for players to get used to the controls. This is such a nifty idea and hopefully, many US players win their favorite prizes. Now, if only these claw machines let you win White Claws.

SEGA Catcher Online is out now for Android and iOS. Will you guys try out this SEGA app to win real prizes? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest SEGA news, such as two classic SEGA games for Nintendo Switch, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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