Sea of Solitude Developer Confirms Next Game Has Been Written

Solitude Developer

As video game writing and storytelling has become a bigger focus in recent years, gamers have been able to discuss important topics and themes with one significant fixation in recent years being mental health issues. Games like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Celeste have received numerous awards for their nuanced exploration of depression, anxiety and PTSD. One recent title that handled such topics delicately was Sea of Solitude, produced by German studio Jo-Mei Game and backed by EA. Many praised its metaphoric depictions of mental health issues, and now it seems that the Sea of Solitude developer has already written their follow-up game.

Cornelia Geppert, the creative and art director for Sea of Solitude, recently shared a tweet providing an update on their next project. Given the recent holiday season, Geppert took time away from work to rest and spend with loved ones, but immediately afterward felt inspired to write. It seems that this inspiration was quite hefty, as Geppert was able to complete an entire draft of the next game’s story.

There’s no telling yet if the game’s narrative is at all connected to Sea of Solitude, or if it will share any of the artstyle or themes that the first one did. Given that this game is only in the writing stage so far, it is still likely years away from completion at this point. Still, for Geppert to complete a first draft so quickly, maybe this Sea of Solitude in-between games may not take that long after all. Are you guys glad to hear that the Sea of Solitude developer has written their next game? Let us know in the comments below!

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