Celeste Final Chapter DLC Adds New Levels, Music, And More

Celeste final chapter DLC

With the prevalence of digital storefronts and the ease of developing for portable platforms like the Nintendo Switch and mobile phones, the indie game scene has exploded this past decade. One of the more recent indie success stories has been Celeste, a challenging, pixelated platforming game. While similar to games like Super Meat Boy, Celeste won over numerous critics and players with its compelling characters and graceful handling of topics like depression and anxiety. The game was successful enough to receive a physical edition, and now it seems the extent of the game’s story will has met its end with the new Celeste final chapter DLC.

The developer that created Celeste, Matt Makes Games, recently announced that they have now become Extremely OK Games. As shared on their official Twitter account, the Celeste final chapter DLC has been made available for owners of the game across all platforms. The chapter DLC, titled Farewell, serves as the 9th chapter of the game. As it takes place after the base game, clearing the first eight chapters will be required to access the DLC.

The DLC includes 100 new levels (estimated at roughly three hours worth of gameplay), as well as 40 minutes of additional music, created by Lena Raine, who created the rest of the game’s music. The full game normally details for $19.99, but some platforms like Nintendo and PC, have the game available for as low as $9.99. The new DLC is free, but the game’s creator has requested a $5 donation to the Amazon Conservariom Team, if one feels compelled. This DLC is surely a nice gift for owners of Celeste that have not played the game in a while, and hopefully it encourages more new players to join. Celeste brings the strawberries, and it is quite a jam to experience.

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