Ryan Reynolds and Logan Director Deny Rumors of Deadpool Cameo

Deadpool cameo in Logan?

Earlier this week, The Wrap reported that Deadpool was going to have a surprise cameo in next year’s Wolverine solo film Logan. The internet was understandably set on fire with excitement with the thought of the two popular superheroes finally meeting on-screen for the first time, since, you know, X-Men Origins: Wolverine still doesn’t, and will never count. Ever.

The “Merc’ with a Mouth” himself Ryan Reynolds was the first to deny the hot speculation:

Not long after, Logan‘s director James Mangold backed up and thanked the Deadpool actor for his rebuttal:

Mangold seemed a little more than peeved and was quick to throw jabs at the The Wrap’s reporting of the rumor, going as far as calling the outlet’s coverage “fake news”:

It seems that all hopes of Ryan Reynolds showing up in Logan have been squashed, thoroughly. It’s such a shame because Deadpool’s delightful, trollish behavior would clash amazingly with Wolverine’s short-fuse, no-nonsense attitude. It’s a buddy-comedy waiting to happen, except with more slashing! Though, with the somber nature of Logan – can’t say we’ll take it too hard, it makes sense, after all.

All hope isn’t technically lost. Neither Ryan Reynolds nor James Mangold said anything about a post-credit scene. What say you, Deadpool?

deadpool seems legit
Do you think Ryan Reynolds and James Mangold are hiding something? Or do you think that Wolverine’s next movie is too serious of a story to contain Deadpool’s antics? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out these other X-Men articles!

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