Rockstar Games Parent Company ‘Take-Two’ Makin’ Moves – Refiles “Agent” Trademark

Sadly, there are a lot of games that get stuck in “development hell” – fans don’t know whether they will ever see anticipated sequels to favourites such as Alan Wake or Beyond Good & Evil. It happens, it just does. Luckily, fans awaiting the stealth-action game Agent might finally see at least one franchise come out of stagnation.

Agent was originally announced back in 2009 but mum’s the word when it came down to Rockstar revealing anything more. Almost 6 years have past since the subject was broached and this left gamers understandably fearful of the title’s impending cancellation. That fear may be lessened just a smidge, however, because DualShockers reports that the parent company of Rockstar, Take-Two, has freshly refiled for the upcoming title’s trademarking categorizing under the “intent to use” category.

The company originally filed back in 2013 but then exhausted all of the extensions for the original trademark request. For businesses, only five extensions are allowed and only in six month time-spans causing for stricter restraints at following up on initial requests. Once those avenues are used up and nothing more comes from a project, the trademark them becomes “abandoned”.

This doesn’t tell fans an anticipated release date or even if the game is any closer to realisation but it does offer hope knowing that Rockstar and Take-Two are still interested in this title and are willing to keep making moves to secure it. Unsure of what Agent is? We’ve got some alleged screenshots that were leaked a year ago to keep the hype going, just don’t get your hopes up. We are still waiting anxiously for anymore news regarding the story and when it is expected to become reality. Though a little underwhelming graphically, we know the standard of Rockstar and should this title see the light of day, the finished project should be infinitely more polished:


With the huge announcement of a Red Dead Redemption 2, I wouldn’t hold your breath for any huge announcements for Agent in the near future to keep the spotlight on such a fan-favoured title. However, a company keeping their interest on a project and filing a trademark is a huge step in the right direction and quells those rumors of cancellation. So what do you guys think? Was Agent something you were looking forward to or is another title that should just stay in Limbo? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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