Tom Clancy’s Division is Free to Play on PC This Weekend

Gear up and get ready for a weekend of fun as Tom Clancy’s Division will be open to play free on PC this weekend as announced on twitter earlier today! This online-only third person shooter from Ubisoft puts players in the near future in New York city. The game opens in the fallout of a smallpox pandemic with the player as an agent from Strategic Homeland Division.

The goal of the agent? Help rebuild operations in Manhattan, investigate the outbreak and stop the criminal activity that has spurred since the breakdown of infrastructure. The game features many different elements, at times RPG, collaborative, and  player versus player are all possible in this open-world shooter!

Tom Clancy’s Division rewards players with experience points and currency that can be used to buy new weapons, gear, talents and skills. The good news is, if you decide after the free trial ends that you want to buy the game your progress will carry over! So all the cool things you acquire through out your play will still be there.

Tom Clancy's Division

Even better news is that Uplay is offering the game at 50% off during the event. How much time do you have? It starts on December 15th at 6pm GMT and runs until 9pm GMT on December 18th! You can even preload the game through Uplay if you want to get ahead of the curve!

Players will have access to the full base game including the various substantial content updates that have been applied to the game since its release. If you’re hoping to snag some DLC content too, you’ll have to pay for that. However, at $25 for the standard edition, and $45 for the Gold Edition which comes with a season pass, it may be worth it to buy the game if you enjoy the free access.

Tom Clancy's Division

All in all this sounds like a hell of a way to spend the weekend, and yet another gift to us gamers for the holidays! Whether you’re a fan of the Tom Clancy franchise, or have always wanted to dip your toes, this is as good a time as any! You can find Tom Clancy’s Division on Uplay, which you can download here if you don’t have it already!

Are you going to join the ranks of The Division this weekend? Sound off in the comments below!

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