Build a Rocket Raccoon and More With New Build a Bear Guardians of the Galaxy Toys

Bear guardians

There will definitely be no shortage of Guardians of the Galaxy fanfare this next month. The first episode of the Telltale Games series based on the property is now available for download and the much anticipated sequel to the first Guardians of the Galaxy theatrical film releases soon. In addition to the usual, expected influx of standard merchandise, another special cross-promotional event will now let fans build a Rocket Raccoon, as well as the rest of the main Guardians. A new line of Build a Bear Guardians of the Galaxy plushies and accessories have now been announced.

The listings for all of the new Guardians of the Galaxy items available through Build-a-Bear are now available to see on their website. The two big items are Rocket Raccoon (available for $22.50 online and in-store) and the online-exclusive Groot (available for $35) that, yes, does contain a sound chip that says “I am Groot”. If you want a standard bear to sport Guardians cosplay gear, there are costume accessories to make your bear look like Star Lord, Gamora, or Rocket Raccoon. For even more flair, a little dancing baby Groot accessory is available for $6 to give your new plush creation a little buddy to carry around.

On the simpler accessory side for bears are two different t-shirts, one featuring the Guardians gang and the other with dancing baby Groot. Also available are pre-made Mega-mini bears, available for $10 each, that look like the main characters! These plushies are absolutely adorable and will have you hooked’ on a feelin’ that you are in love with them. What do you guys think? Are you going to pick up one of these Build a Bear Guardians of the Galaxy plush toys? Let us know in the comments below!

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