Rick and Morty Episodes Will no Longer Stream for Free on Adult Swim’s Website

New Rick and Morty episodes

New Rick and Morty episodes began airing a few weeks ago, and life has been exponentially more schwifty ever since. Things were even better for those without cable service. This was due to Adult Swim streaming the show on their website as it aired on television. To make it even better, it was at no charge to the viewers. However, things took a dark turn this past Sunday. Fans of the show tuned into the Adult Swim website to catch the latest episode, but they were met with a poorly acted out reading of the script for Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender, the fourth episode of the new season.

This was because of Adult Swim changing things up. Fans have been given the glorious gift of free Rick and Morty episodes for the beginning of the season, but that has now changed. Viewers will have to log in with their cable provider to enjoy future installments, but only after they have aired on television. That, or it’s time to pick up some of that good old-fashioned TV service. Adult Swim is well aware of the current times, which is why they told pirates to “start your engines” when they gave everyone a notice that the changes were being made. Here’s the tweet they sent out before Sunday’s episode:

When asked about it, a network representitive said, “Adult Swim livestreamed the first two episodes of Rick and Morty to kick off the new season and will continue to offer episodes to view online after they have aired on the network.” While this may be disappointing, it is entirely understandable. After all, not many shows are just given away for free these days.

However, some fans did not take the news so well. In response to the trolling that was done by the network, one Redditor said, “This shit is getting annoying. It’s not funny. It makes me want to never watch anything on AdultSwim ever. I don’t care if they’re trolling, troll any other time except the airing of a new episode.” Others were understanding and even had a good laugh. Needless to say, you’ll have to start looking elsewhere for new Rick and Morty episodes. That is, of course, if you don’t already have a cable provider or take to the salty seas on a regular basis. As a parting gift, here is that ridiculous reading of the latest episode that trolled a trillion hearts(okay, it wasn’t that many, but you get the idea):

What say you, Rick and Morty fans? Do you believe this is completely understandable in this day and age, or does it bring about a bit of bitterness? Should Adult Swim not have streamed the beginning of the season, or was it the right thing to do? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! If it’s more reading that you’re needing, check out the following:

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