Resident Evil Netflix Series Reveals Gruesome First Footage (VIDEO)

Resident Evil Netflix Series

Coming off the back of Capcom’s successful RE2 / RE3 remakes and the next-gen Resident Evil Village, the survival horror series has been busy infectiously spreading to other non-video game mediums. Last year saw not only a live-action reboot re-welcome viewers to Raccoon City, but the small screen saw some action as well in the form of the Netflix CG animation Infinite Darkness. Now, an all-new Resident Evil Netflix series is in the works, which aims to bring some fresh blood to the beloved franchise.

While much of the story is under wraps, a pair of new trailers for the Resident Evil Netflix series introduces the origins of an undead outbreak in ‘New Raccoon City’ in 2022 as it eventually spreads its way across the world, as evident by a time-jump into a very apocalyptic 2036 London. Along the way, we see a few familiar faces introduced, including Albert Wesker played by John Wick and Destiny 2’s own Lance Reddick, as well as Forspoken star Ella Balinska, who steals more than a few badass snippets as Wesker’s daughter Jade.

There’s certainly some interesting stuff on display in these trailers, including some of the series’ iconic monsters like zombie dogs, giant spiders, gruesome lickers, and of course, the massive hordes of zombies. However, there’s also a fair share of elements signifying a brand-new spin on the Resident Evil formula, namely, the lack of many big-name players like Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, or Jill Valentine. Of course, with only a small semblance of footage on display, it’s impossible to know where the show will go until it makes it to release on July 14th.

The premiere of this Resident Evil Netflix series is surprisingly a long time coming, having originally been announced back in 2019 as an ‘expansion’ to traditional RE lore. While details and teases were light in the years since, the plot was always teased to have involved “the Wesker kids” as they uncover the dastardly secrets of Umbrella, as well as Jade as she struggles to survive in a future world infected with the T-virus. Marketing has only kicked off in the last few weeks, with a premiere date only just being revealed in March.

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