Resident Evil Director to Helm Monster Hunter Movie

Monster Hunter movie

Resident Evil film franchise director Paul W.S. Anderson has tapped the live-action Monster Hunter movie as his next cinematic project.

Monster Hunter movie

After only a few months of being announced, the film based on the Capcom series Monster Hunter has found its director in the form of Paul W.S. Anderson. Anderson, fresh off of the soon-to-be-billion-dollar Resident Evil film franchise, will also be writing and producing the potential franchise starter. The filmmaker along with fellow Impact Pictures producer Jeremy Bolt recently revealed the news in a Q&A interview with Deadline.

For those outside the know, Monster Hunter is an action game series that revolves around the idea that every monster throughout folklore and legend once actually existed in history. That means dragons, the Minotaur, and probably jackalopes all existed in one form or another. When all these beasts all begin to return from the shadows, its up to monster hunters to defeat them before they raise all types of havoc.

Concept art created for the Monster Hunter movie

Upon being chosen for the director position, Anderson revealed he went to Capcom for advice on how to make his Monster Hunter movie a more authentic experience.

“We were very respectful, down to me getting on a plane to Japan. But contractually, we could have just done whatever we wanted.” Anderson said.

Jeremy Bolt added, “[Capcom] said what they love about Paul is he understood the spirit of the game and expanded and made more of it. Commercially and creatively, they really respect that. They are trusting us again, on Monster Hunter.”

Anderson has already completed an initial script for the monstrous epic, with plans for more adventures already mapped out.

“It’s definitely intended to be a franchise because the movie starts in our world and then it goes to the Monster Hunter world”, Anderson explained. “Then at the end we’re suddenly confronted with the fact that the mythological creatures of our world have come back to wreak vengeance.”

You can check out the full interview HERE.

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