PUBG Creator Wants To Create A Realistic Sandbox Game On An Unparalleled Scale

PUBG Creator Wants To Create A Realistic Sandbox Game On An Unparalleled Scale

Regardless of one’s opinion on PUBG, creator Brendan Greene has effectively divorced himself from the game and is already onto bigger and better things. Having kickstarted the battle royale genre, the PUBG creator now has his sights set on creating a realistic sandbox open-world game, one that he wishes to build on an unparalleled scale compared to what’s currently available.

As reported by Eurogamer, PUBG creator Brendan Greene recently took to Twitter to release a 5-minute video wherein he talks about the plans of his new studio, PlayerUnknown Productions. Greene reveals his long-term fascination with open-world games, going on to state that he wants to create open-world sandbox games on a scale rarely seen. “And since [getting lost in the open fields of Chernarus in DayZ], I’ve held this deep fascination with sandbox-style open-world games and the freedoms that they give players, but I always just wished they were a bit bigger,” Greene explained.

 So that’s our mission as a studio. We want to create realistic sandbox worlds on a scale that’s seldom attempted — worlds hundreds of kilometers across with thousands of players interacting, exploring, and creating.”

Greene goes on to explain that the issue with creating large open-world games is that there isn’t “a way to fill these massive spaces with content, assets, game mechanics, locations,” though his studio is working on a machine that will “generate massive realistic open worlds at runtime, or to put it another way, each and every time you press play.” What this will look like remains to be seen, though hopefully it’ll be better supported than PUBG.

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