Steam Concurrent User Count Tops 25 Million

Steam Concurrent User Count Tops 25 Million

While the world looks forward with hope in this new year of 2021, a recollection of 2020 will see the gaming industry finding new levels of success. With the global pandemic keeping many people at home, video games became an all-too important hobby and distraction. New game releases like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Last of Us Part II became some of the best and fastest selling games for the Switch and PS4 respectively. Steam also saw a record one million concurrent players for a single game on Cyberpunk 2077’s launch day. Now, a new Steam milestone has been reached, as the Steam concurrent user count has topped 25 million total users.


SteamDb has released new data figures for the first few days of 2021. As of writing, the all-time Steam concurrent user count topped the previous record of 24,776,635 reached just a few weeks earlier. This past weekend, a new all-time peak of 25,418,674 concurrent users was reached. It should be noted that despite this record, the number of concurrent in-game users did not surpass the record 8.1 million made back in March. A peak of 7.4 million was the highest this past weekend saw.

Several factors led to this new Steam concurrent user record. Aside from the previously mentioned pandemic impact keeping gamers at home, the recent Steam sale likely gave a user count boost. With the additional factors of the winter and holiday season keeping people at home and indoors, and the popularity of free-to-play games like DOTA and CS:GO making play so accessible, new Steam records seemed rather inevitable. The new Stardew Valley update and Cyberpunk 2077 certainly helped entice more players to Steam as well. Valve has made a popular platform with Steam, and PC gaming continues to flourish to new heights. The train is certainly not losing any Steam.

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