Prince Harry Wants To Ban Fortnite, Calls It “Addictive”

Fortnite Prince Harry

While competitors like Apex Legends have been able to borrow some of the thunder from the game, Fortnite still stands as a cultural phenomenon in the world’s spotlight. The battle royale still remains a champion, both in terms of success and longevity. The game has been acknowledged by the likes of Saturday Night Live, The PGA Tour, and even has Netflix quaking in regards to its power. Some of the biggest figures in sociopolitical culture in the world are the members of the United Kingdom royal family, and now, Prince Harry has spoken about Fortnite, but perhaps not in the positive light fans might have hoped for.

As reported by The Daily Express, Prince Harry recently spoke at the West London YMCA about issues related to raising children. One big topic was related to digital media, with social media and video games as the big focus for the prince. After referring to social media as “more addictive than drugs and alcohol,” the prince then went on to say that Fortnite shouldn’t be allowed. As he states:

Where is the benefit of having it in your household? It’s created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible.”

These comments are sure to fill some parents with fear, especially after the World Health Assembly last year added “gaming addiction” to the International Classification of Diseases. While there is certainly a discussion to be had about balancing a child’s time spent playing video games without being a detriment to other life aspects, the threat of gaming as an addiction is nothing that hasn’t been stoked by public figures and the media before.

Hopefully any action taken by the royal family, or by UK parliament, focuses more on education and regulating the potentially damaging aspects of microtransaction-focused games like Fortnite, and leave the personal discernment to individual parents. Also, this could just be a big ploy for Harry to help get PUBG back on top anyway.

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