Pokemon Sword and Shield Fans Can’t Stop Comparing Weezing Galarian to a Bong

The anticipation for Pokémon Sword and Shield has been building throughout this year, thanks to the many gradual reveals that Nintendo has provided about the game. Veteran fans are eager to experience the new Galar region, which is strongly based on the United Kingdom. Galar will also continue the trend started with the Alola region where classic Pokémon will have new forms exclusive to the region. Some of these past region forms have caught the attention of internet memelords, as has now become the case for the newly revealed dank and dapper Weezing Galarian form.

Fans on Twitter set the site ablaze with Weezing Galarian form memes and fan art upon the Pokémon’s reveal yesterday. As seen in the latest trailer, this new Weezing form turns the classic Pokémon gray, with its signature smoke now colored green and forming what looks to be a mustache and beard around its two respective heads. Also interesting is its new elongated exhaust pipe, likely meant to look like a traditional British chimney. 

However, given Weezing’s round base structure, many fans haven’t been able to weed out the image of his resemblance to a certain apparatus in their minds. The usual brand of internet meme humor certainly felt kushy and comfortable making jokes about this similarity. A quick Snoop around social media found Weezing a big part of the trending discussion around Pokémon yesterday, cementing him as a new fan favorite like the palm tree-esque Alolan Exeggutor. No matter what you think of the design, Pokemon Sword and Shield is definitely going to be lit when it launches. And how could all this fun possibly be bong? I mean, wrong. What do you guys think about the Weezing Galarian form? Let us know in the comments below!

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