PlayStation 4 Crossplay Functionality Now Available For Developers

PlayStation 4 crossplay

The PlayStation 4 has been in quite the advantageous position as the most successful console of the current gaming generation. Much of its success over competitions early on in this generation cycle can be attributed to their consumer friendly practices, like a cheaper console and more favorable online practices. However, one constant complaint from fans and developers alike has been the lack of crossplay support on the PS4. There have been some exceptions, but now PlayStation 4 crossplay functionality is available for developers of all PS4 games.

Wired recently reported on several new decisions made by Sony to improve the PlayStation 4 ecosystem, narrowing the focus on Sony’s recent decisions to navigate toward cloud-based game streaming for future systems. In addition to other recent news, such as the new price reduction and improved library for PlayStation Now. However, it seems that crossplay is another avenue Sony is prepared to boost on their platform.

Sony has now made crossplay available for developers to implement in games they create for the PS4. Crossplay was reportedly available in beta form for developers for a period until the full functionality was made accessible. While Sony has not officially announced this feature just yet, Wired believes that the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be the first title to support PS4 crossplay under this new initiative. Hopefully, Sony commits to making cross-platform play as open as possible. After all, enjoying games with friends is the best fun there is.

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