Palworld Introduces A Realistic Take On Pokemon (VIDEO)


Pocketpair, Inc. announced a brand new creature-collecting game called Palworld, which takes a unique spin on the classic pocket monster franchise we all know and love. The upcoming game shares some similarities with other monster capturing games like Pokemon and Temtem, but adds a more realistic twist on the relatively bubbly franchises.

It’s your choice to use Pals for intense manual labor or as meat shields in combat. That’s not even the extent of it. It gets worse. Well, depending on what tickles your fancy. Check out the official trailer below:

Set in an open world landscape, Palworld is a multiplayer survival game that allows the player to collect “Pals.” Craft homes and tools, task creatures to build and farm, or as shields in combat. Unlike Pokemon’s battle system, you can kill Pals too. In fact, you can even eat them. Technically, consuming Pals is illegal, but if you’ve come down on hard times well… you know how it goes.

Depending on how you explore the game, there won’t be a shortage of creatures in Palworld. You can breed them and even mix species to create stronger Pals. If you’re into the criminal life, you can even poach endangered species by sneaking into prohibited areas. In multiplayer mode, players can join their friends to go adventuring, or battle and trade with other players to see who’s got the best and strongest lineup of Pals.

Palworld is anticipated to release sometime in 2022 for PC (Steam).

Want to stick with the classics? Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the remakes of the original 2006/2007 versions, and they’re coming to Nintendo Switch this November.

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