Outriders Dev Details Post-Campaign Content (VIDEO)


Outriders is going to be quite unique in the world of looter shooters, with the developer committing to shipping a complete game from start to finish as soon as it launches instead of utilizing a live-service model. Many titles use live service models to help keep titles fresh and alive for longer periods of time, with new content such as stories to tell, gear to unlock, and more, though People Can Fly have a unique way of making sure that players will spend countless hours playing regardless, with plenty of post-campaign content planned.

A recent video has arrived from the Outriders developers detailing the content that players will be able to look forward to following the completion of the main campaign. After the campaign ends players will have a chance to embark on Expeditions, a new set of missions that come in multiple tiers of difficulty to progress through. Successfully completing higher tiers of the Expedition content will net Outriders players loads of high-quality rewards, though in order to complete some of the more challenging content they’ll want to bring some friends.

Working their way through the Expeditions will give players a chance to perfect their skills and equipment builds, preparing them for one final challenge that will take everything they have to complete. Outriders is currently set to launch on February 2, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, with a release to Google Stadia arriving at a later date.

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