Old School RuneScape Now Available On Android And iOS

Ah, RuneScape. The bane and boon of every gamers existence, but that depends entirely on who you ask. The iconic MMORPG that ruled the early 2000s with its Java programming and best effort visuals, and it’s likely every seasoned adult gamer has been lured by its seductive gameplay experience. In 2016, the original was updated with new and improved graphics. Even so, there’s no denying a large demographic of players that yearn for the nostalgic touch of the good old classic. Thankfully, dreams really do come true – Old School RuneScape is available now for smart devices.

Available now for Android and iOS devices, the classic adventure of ye olde RuneScape rests in the palm of your hand. Old School RuneScape promises to bring the same noteworthy experience folks remember from its early days. Producer John Colgrave says:

Delivering the same wealth of content as its PC counterpart, expanding Old School RuneScape’s availability to mobile devices is an incredible achievement and one the team is extremely proud of. Its arrival on iOS and Android is something our community has been exceptionally hungry for and, through beta and soft launch, we’ve worked closely with them to refine and optimise Old School’s mobile interface, including the introduction of a customisable, one-touch action button, and intuitive touch-screen controls.”

The title’s platform may have evolved with the times, but the game itself will remain as everyone remembers. Whether you’re mining for ore, fishing for days, or grinding for runes – Old School RuneScape has your back. Those on Android devices can get started on their download right here, meanwhile iOS users can redirect here. Of course, it’s absolutely free with the choice for in-game transactions that allow monthly membership purchases.

Old School RuneScape features cross-platform play, subscriber benefits, exploration of Gielinor, PvP, and the hundreds of epic boss fights, and quests to embark on. What do you think about RuneScape making a comeback on mobile devices? Are you delighted by its presence on the mobile gaming market? Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

Old School RuneScape is available to play now on iOS and Android devices.

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