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RuneScape Is Coming To Steam Next Month

After 17 long years of browser-based gaming, Jagex finally shut down the classic RuneScape servers everyone knew and loved in 2018. Despite the tragic news, that didn’t spell the end…

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RuneScape Player Sues Developer Jagex For Being Muted, Loses

While much of the gaming industry focuses on the newest and latest titles, there are still pockets of fandom that manage to keep perennial classics alive. One such internet favorite…

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Unannounced RuneScape Action RPG Game Under Development

This is certainly surprising news. RuneScape has bested its lifespan in the video game industry with its current and highly popular existence. After the announcement and release of Old School…

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Old School RuneScape Now Available On Android And iOS

Ah, RuneScape. The bane and boon of every gamers existence, but that depends entirely on who you ask. The iconic MMORPG that ruled the early 2000s with its Java programming…

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RuneScape Classic Officially Shutting Down

RuneScape Classic Officially Shutting Down

Brace yourselves: RuneScape Classic is officially shutting down after 17 long, nostalgia-filled years online. Developer Jagex made the announcement today via a blog post on its website, wherein it was…

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RuneScape Mobile

RuneScape Coming Soon to Mobile – Will Feature Seamless Cross-Play With PC

RuneScape is one of those games that tends to drop from a person’s memory for a time, only for them to think about it later and say, “That game is…

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