The Official Trailer for the New Wolverine Movie: Logan is Here (VIDEO)

Superhero movies are a-plenty and the trend seems to only be increasing (trust us, we are NOT complaining). We’ve seen the playfulness of Marvel, the gritty, dire, world of DC – we’ve got all ends of the spectrum in the cinema universe of comic book adaptations.


The latest film to drop in the X-men series, and third movie in the Wolverine standalone series, Logan, just dropped its first trailer and it is … wow. It is just wow.

The trailer starts off with Wolverine and young Laura, who is a similar “ageless” mutant that is one of many that looks to Logan for aid. As for Logan, he’s experiencing an existential crisis of his own torn between the desire for self-imposed isolation and his want to follow his mentor’s wise words of his ability to do good in this world from none other than Charles  Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart).

“Logan, you still have time.”

This trailer, paired with the daunting music of Johnny Cash, really showcases this protragnoist’s inner struggle and even in his mutant glory, still is incredibly human. Almost dystopian, the raw emotion felt from this inside look is like a punch to the gut and we want more! Check out the trailer out below for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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With an arguably unhealthy obsession with Mass Effect, Liana has been an avid collector of gaming and comic memorabilia for well over two decades. With a passion for writing, gaming, and comics - she is currently working as Editor-in-Chief for the revival of Prima Games, with previous managing editor experience with several gaming publications including, The Hollywood Reporter, TwinGalaxies, and other outlets. She is also the Co-Owner and Managing Editor for DFTG. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, as well as several Facebook communities online.


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