Octavia is Warframe’s Newest Character – Uses Music as a Weapon (VIDEO)


Digital Extremes has just released their newest character Octavia for their smash hit free-to-play shooter, Warframe.  The first of her kind, Octavia comes with a fully functioning sequencer known as the “Mandachord”, which allows her to utilize the power of music in all of her abilities to change the flow of battle and empower her allies.  Outside of missions, players can use the Mandachord to compose their own songs, mixing Melody, Bass, and Percussion “into a harmony of destruction.”  Check out the stellar introduction video below, which should get you in the mood for some music making mayhem.

Here is a description of all of Octavia’s abilities.


  • Passive: Briefly replenish energy for Octavia and nearby allies when abilities are activated.
  • Mallet (Percussion)
    • Rhythmically beats damage into nearby enemies and draws their fire. Damage inflicted on the Mallet increases its lethality.
  • Resonator (Bass)
    • Launches rollerball that charms foes to follow it. When it vanishes, charmed enemies stagger. Combines with the Mallet to create a roving ball of musical devastation.
  • Metronome (Melody)
    • Grants buffs to those who consistently perform actions in time to the music. Timed jumps offer the Vivace speed buff. Crouching on the beat grants cloaking with the Nocturne buff. Firing rhythmically bestows Opera a multishot buff. Timed melee swings gives the Forte damage buff.
    • *Please note: In missions with multiple Octavias present, the UI will indicate buffs for every active Octavia, but you’ll only benefit from the strongest of those buffs.
  • Amp
    • Draws power from the decibel level of sound in the area and uses it to amplify a damage buff for Octavia and her allies. It also doubles the damage and range of nearby Mallets.


The new quest line is only part of Warframe’s massive “Octavia’s Anthem” update.  The update also introduces two new weapons, called the Tenora and the Pandero.  The Tenora is a “high tempo rifle” that rewards increased accuracy and fire rate with consistent shooting.  The Pandero is a fan hammer pistol, whose alt fire empties the rest of its clip into one trigger pull.

Also included in the update is the all new “Captura” feature, a highly customizable photo taking mode that makes it easier for players to get that ‘perfect shot’ they’ve always wanted to take.  In the mode, players can choose from multiple different locations, spawn in enemies, and even manipulate time itself to take the perfect picture.  Captura also comes with dozens of optional filters and special effects.

Warframe is currently available for free on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

So, what are your thoughts on Warframe’s newest update?  Are you as psyched as I am to try out Octavia?  Plan on utilizing the new Captura mode?  Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to DFTG for all the newest gaming news!  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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