No Man’s Sky Planet Pays Tribute To Sean Murray, Founder Of Hello Games

To say the NEXT update has No Man’s Sky fans excited would be an understatement. Those returning to the game or fans since day one have graced the expansive universe and its diverse planets once more. With over 50-thousand concurrent players, folks are eager to see what the update has to offer. It didn’t take long for one particular enthusiast to show their appreciation by building an eye-catching tribute to the founder of Hello Games.

Twitter user Roland Oberheim posted a few snapshots of spectacular tribute to Hello Games founder and No Man’s Sky programmer, Sean Murray. A portrait immortalizes him in awesome pixelated fashion, and even explained just how he was able to accomplish such a feat! “I got an image of Sean, removed the color, resized it to 37 x 50 pixels, posterized it to 4 levels,” Oberheim elaborated. “Then used the resulting image as a guide and counted carefully. Time consuming, but not difficult.”

Suffice to say – well done, good sir! The pixel monument can be viewed best from bird’s eye view in the Euclid Galaxy. Need the coordinates to get there? No worries, the portal address can be viewed in the gallery above. If it looks like symbolic gibberish, the creator broke it down like this: “It’s in Euclid Galaxy, star Eykjav, planet Catiasus Omega, Wekingha-Kiev Outpost. Standing on Sean’s beard (sorry Sean), location is +9.08, +85.31. I added a com stat, might make it easier to find. And you might need to be in Creative mode since I used that to make it.”

Hello Games is the studio behind one of the most renown games of the past few years, and founder Sean Murray had a big hand in No Man’s Sky’s creation as programmer. The recently implemented “NEXT” update introduced new and improved visuals, an expanded multiplayer experience, and so much more. All of that really means you and your friends can go about instigating mayhem or frolick with aliens – whatever floats your boat, or in this case flies your ship.

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No Man’s Sky is playable now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The spectacular NEXT update is available to check out

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