Nintendo Throws the Switch on Announcements

The official reveal for Nintendo Switch this past week was interesting and exciting to be sure! If you were hoping to hear more about the console in the coming weeks, prepare for disappointment.

In an article and follow up tweet from Takashi Mochizuki, of the Wallstreet Journal, we can expect no more official announcements from Nintendo on games and specs until next year. Likely, shortly before the consoles launch in March.

While the trailer launch didn’t immediately do well with investors, the console is far from out of the game as it is simply too early to tell how successful the console will be. However, with the announcement from Bethesda, gamers can expect some exciting titles to hit this new console in the future!

The switch certainly boasts some interesting features that make the console desirable, offering a system that can be played at home or on the go. This system, with cartridge based games and powered by Nvidia makes for an interesting and potentially promising console. Having waited for so long to get to this point, a little longer doesn’t seem that bad. Though, a downside to the Switch, as we currently know it, is that Wii U and 3Ds games will not be compatible with the new console.

There may be rising concerns to some of the features, as Nintendo has been known to be hit or miss when it comes to new innovations. We all remember the N64 controller. But among other things, Nintendo is most notable for trying new things, and keeping the market competitive. If you missed it, here is what you can expect so far:

Sound off in the comments below about your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, and stay tuned to Don’t Feed The Gamers for more news on the new Nintendo Switch!

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