Nintendo Switch Windows XP Hack Plays Space Cadet Pinball With Ease

Nintendo Switch Windows XP Hack Plays Space Cadet Pinball With Ease

The Nintendo Switch has fascinated the game industry with both its status as a traditional home console and its portable capabilities. As such, the nifty Nintendo Switch has also caught the attention of many in the modding community, both on the hardware and software side. Some have turned Nintendo 64’s and Game Boy’s into Switch docks, while others have found ways of putting non-Nintendo software on the device, such as one fan who put the original Xbox onto the device. Now, the Microsoft hacking for the Switch continues, as one talented hacker has found a way to have Windows XP run on the portable console.

Reddit user We1etu1n, whose real name is Alfonso Dingo Torres Jauregui, has shared images of Windows XP running on their Nintendo Switch. With the help of L4T Linux, Jauregui has been able to run the classic Windows XP operating system on the handheld device. By installing QEMU and using a 10GB img as a hard drive, it took only 6 hours to load all of Windows XP onto the little Nintendo that could.

Jauregui claims that the operating system functions rather slowly on the Switch in handheld mode, but after attempting to play the nostalgic Space Cadet Pinball that came pre-loaded with the OS back in the day, the classic game runs quite smoothly on the console. However, using the device with an external monitor and mouse worked much more favorably, with Jauregui using it as his desktop for a few days. This is certainly a creative hack, and hopefully inspired others to bring classic computer systems to the Switch. Here’s hoping we see Commodore 64 software on the Switch soon.

What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch running Windows XP? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Nintendo Switch news, such as the newly announced Nintendo Switch game being made by the Tokyo Ghoul creator, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follows us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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