Days Gone Syphon Filter Easter Eggs Found

Days Gone features the standard zombie apocalypse tale, with a virus infecting humanity turning many into man-eating monsters. While the title may look and feel like a standalone, some hidden Easter eggs may hint that the title is actually be related to another SIE Bend Studios creation: Syphon Filter.

Syphon Filter focused heavily on a character by the name of Gabe Logan who worked for an anti-terrorism organization called the International Presidential Consulting Agency. Throughout the 6 games, Gabe and his crew travelled the world in a fight against bioterrorism, mostly through the use of a weaponised virus called “Syphon Filter”. This is all well and good but how does this fit into Days Gone?

The trail begins with a faction within Days Gone by the name of NERO or the National Emergency Response Organization, which acts as the game’s version of FEMA. Not only does the group appear incredibly similar to the Chemical and Biological Defense Command that was featured in Syphon Filter, but as the NERO research teams are choppered in to investigate the current outbreak, the visage seems reminiscent of the old spy title’s original opening scene.

Days Gone

While this may only seem like a nice nod to the franchise a mission later in the game tasks players to follow NERO agents, and the player is able to overhear a conversation indicating that the virus was, in fact, man-made. With Syphon Filter’s penchant for man-made biological weaponry, the possibility that the two are linked begins to seem a bit more plausible. Later the game however players are treated to almost irrefutable proof that the two are connected when they uncover report detailing not only the names of characters from the Syphon Filter franchise but locations where the bioweapon was used in attacks, and even companies used as a front for terrorist organizations.

Days Gone

If that wasn’t convincing enough, players are able to collect IPCA tech from dead NERO scientists throughout the game that players can collect but strangely cannot use. Once Days Gone has been completed however players are able to finally use the material in order to craft a weapon called the IPCA stun gun. Not only does the weapon share a striking resemblance to the one used throughout the Syphon Filter franchise but features the initials of Gabe Logan as well as the infamous effect of the weapon. When players fire and attach the taser’s coil’s to a target they will initially be shocked, however after prolonged exposure the enemy will burst into flames.

There are a few other smaller references to the Syphon Filter franchise such as an achievement for killing 989 Freakers hinting at the developers early days when they were called  989 Studios. Do you think the survival horror title is linked to the Syphon Filter franchise more than just as a series of easter eggs? Let us know your thoughts on the Syphon Filter and Days Gone in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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