Nightwing is Getting His Own Movie- Here’s What We Know

Superhero movies are flooding the market right now and instead of getting tired of it, fans are constantly demanding more. Everyone has their favorite hero that they want represented on the big screen and now some lucky people will get their wish, sorry Spider-Gwen fans! All grown up side-kick turned vigilante, Nightwing, is getting his own movie. Warner Bros. is apparently in negotiations with the Director of The Lego Batman Movie, Chris McKay, and they already have their Writer, Bill Dubuque.


Dick Grayson was the original Robin, Batman’s sidekick, but now he has grown up and transformed into his alter ego Nightwing after being dismissed from that role. Well that’s the most common story. Like many comics, there are multiple versions of most superheroes and there is no telling how this new movie will fit in with the rest of the DC movie universe. In Batman v Superman, they show Robin’s suit sprayed with paint and it was suggested by Zack Snyder that he had been murdered by the Joker. We all know that there were multiple Robins so it might not affect this movie. With Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Batman, and a couple Justice League movies coming in the near future, there’s no telling when the release date will be for the Nightwing film.

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