Pokemon CEO Didn’t Think the Nintendo Switch Would be a Success – “I Was Wrong”

Pokemon Switch

Since the Switch’s release, fans have been clamoring for popular titles typically available on Nintendo consoles. Chiefly among them is, of course, a Pokemon Switch title. Those who love the monster catching battle strategy RPG have had to settle for GO and DS titles while they wait. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, it was made known by The Pokemon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara that early skepticism kept the company from investing time sooner.

According to the interview, Ishihara had major doubts about the success of Nintendo’s newest console and that lack of faith kept a newly developed Pokemon Switch game out of reach. The CEO does note that the quality of game available to consumers is a large contributing factor to its overwhelming success. He is, however, reluctant to put complete faith in the console just yet:

I told Nintendo that Switch wouldn’t be a success before it went on sale, because I thought that in the age of the smartphone, no one would carry out a game console. It’s obvious I was wrong. I came to realize the key to a successful game is quite simple. Software with absolute quality leads sales of hardware. Playing style can be flexible if the software is attractive enough. Currently it’s popular among the early adopters, but there needs to be one more step to attract a wider audience. I see more potential in Switch, but one shouldn’t overestimate its potential.”

Regardless of Ishihara’s stance, a new Pokemon Switch game is in the works. Not only does this lend more of that quality software mentioned earlier, but also demonstrates that The Pokemon Company is willing to invest in the Nintendo Switch after all. Fans will have to wait, but in the meantime, a fighting spin-off dubbed Pokkén Tournament DX is making its arrival later this month.

Pokemon CEO

It isn’t hard to see why Ishihara was reluctant, as many other developers have taken their time to dip their toes into the water as well. Nintendo has, for better or worse, always tried to stay on the cutting edge in attempting new things with their hardware. This has often made both fans and developers uncomfortable at first. With the Switch having been out now for six months and boasting a 4.7 million unit sales mark(as of late July), more and more desirable titles will find their way to the portable gaming console.

What are some hopes for the new Pokemon Switch game coming in 2018 or 2019? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! As always, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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