Newest Smite Patch Adds a New God, New Skins, and More


Smite, Hi-Rez Studios multiplayer online battle arena game, has a new patch 3.21. One of the additions to the game that comes with the patch is a new God to play, Thoth. He is a mage who carries a book that gives him a stack of five magical penetration for every 30 names added to it. Every enemy he kills gets their name in his book. Thoth can gain as many as 5 stacks when he reaches level 17. He uses an ability called The Glyph of Pain, which makes a hieroglyph that gives any of his other abilities that pass through. A range and damage increase while basic attacks from his allies or himself also get a small damage bonus, but not a range bonus.

Smite Thoth

Thoth’s 3 other abilities are Hieroglyphic Assault, Ponderous Escape, and his ultimate: Final Judgement. Hieroglyphic Assault causes his next 3 basic attacks to do ability damage to his enemies by dropping the basic attack movement penalty. The next one, Ponderous Escape, helps him run and fire a projectile that deals damage while slowing down the enemy. His ultimate ability Final Judgement, over time summons pages from his book until 4 have been summoned and then they shoot forward damaging all enemies in front of him. You can release each page as it’s summoned, but it won’t do as much damage.


Another bonus with the patch is brand new skins. Igneous Terra’s new skin is a cross between her normal look and Agni, Ymir gets a suit and top hat, Hades gets a cute chibi skin, and Sylvanus goes western while his tree turns into a cactus. More benefits of the patch are Oni Hunter’s garb gives more crowd control reduction and less protections from it’s passive and Spirit Robe’s passive has a 15 second cooldown. Chiron’s Centaurus arrows get more speed and less cool down time on Training Exercise. Terra’s Monolith can be destroyed by three basic attacks, Erlang Shen’s Pin roots for 1.3 seconds at all levels, and Freya’s Banish lasts only 1.5 seconds, but it costs less mana. Susano’s ultimate hits enemies after 1 second and there’s a smaller wait for Storm Kata to hit. Kukulkan’s Slipstream gives more movement speed, but it lessens over time. Two of Xbalanque’s abilities cost less mana and Hou Yi’s ultimate slows his marked targets more.


Smite is available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Are you excited about Smite patch 3.21? Let us know down below and check out DFTG’s coverage of Blizzcon from today!

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