Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.1.5/7.2 Coming Soon

Today marked the official opening to 2016’s official BlizzCon festivities. Starting with a thrilling opening ceremony, the event has been a major success so far, with a lot of incredible news released to fans as they watched the livestream or experienced the event first hand. One of the most prolific announcements that came out of the first day of the convention was the news about World of Warcraft’s (W.o.W.) Patch 7.1.5/7.2 updates for Legion.

WOW Legion Patch 7.1.5/7.2

Blizzard must be expecting great things if they are releasing both Patches 7.1.5 and 7.2 so close together. The developers consider Patch 7.1.5 to be a minor update for players, including Class updates to improve game playability and secondary stats like Haste, Mastery and Crit.

While this update doesn’t change the overall story of the game, these small changes give a broader improvement to previous class issues players had faced while gaming.  Patch 7.1.5 will also include updates such as Brawler’s Guild Season 3, an update to Blade’s Edge Arena, and the new inclusion of  Microholidays. This seems to be the most interesting part of the Patch’s additions, considering these Microholidays will only span about a day or two, instead of weeks at a time like most holidays, such as events like Winter Veil.

These mini events will still provide the benefits of the longer holidays (which are not going away anytime soon, so no worries there), but for shorter amounts of time, keeping the game play streamlined, while still offering perks to players they wouldn’t normally have.

WOW Legion Patch 7.1.5/7.2

While Patch 7.1.5 is offering up some neat changes to make the overall gameplay better, Patch 7.2 is where the real difference is. The Patch will add in a brand new raid, called The Tomb of Sargeras, which will give players a grand total of 9 new bosses to defeat and a chance to explore the tomb and take a stab at taming the epic power of the Pillars of Creation for themselves.

Aside from the brand new raid, Blizzard also announced that W.o.W. will also give their treasured customers the ability to fly around the Broken Isles and will include mounts that have this flight capability enabled for use right away. Blizzard also hinted at a new dungeon, called The Cathedral of Eternal Night, with four additional bosses to battle . Aside from these major changes, Patch 7.2 will also include new PvP Brawls, Artifact Updates, and Dungeon updates.

This is all incredible news, as these little tweaks will continue to make the game even more incredible than it already has been. Since the release of Patch 7.1, W.o.W. only continues to get better, proving to remain one of the most prolific titles for MMO gamers to turn to when looking for great gaming action. Unfortunately, the Legion panel did not give out anymore information on when these Patch updates will roll out, but they did also include a hint that the players will be returning to Argus very soon. With all these tidbits of information, gamers will be kept on the edges of their seats as they wait for any word on when to expect these to roll out.

What do you guys think of these announcements from Blizzard? Have you been keeping watch on BlizzCon’s latest updates? Are you experiencing these rolling updates firsthand at the convention? Let us know in the comments below and game on!


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