New The World Ends With You Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

The World Ends With You Anime

After years of existing as somewhat a subculture, anime has become as mainstream as traditional animation styles. The medium also lends itself well as being a way of adapting classic video game franchises into television adaptations. The Castlevania anime found success on Netflix, and a Tomb Raider anime is also in the works. Last year The World Ends With You fans were surprised to hear that the series would be adapted as an anime as well. Now, Square Enix has released a new The World Ends With You anime trailer that unveils the premiere date and theme song for the highly anticipated series.

Square Enix has released their new trailer for The World Ends With You anime on their official YouTube channel. The trailer is less than a minute long, but it shows the fluid animation of the story’s key beginning scenes. Protagonist Neku Sakuraba is seen suddenly waking up in Japan’s Shibuya district, having no memory of how he got there. It turns out that he is actually on an alternate plane of existence called The Underground, where he must partner up with a girl named Shiki to participate in The Game to save humanity amidst a ticking clock. This story essentially follows the original TWEWY game.

The WOrld Ends With you

The World Ends With You trailer also features the series’s official theme song “Teenage City Riot” by J-Pop group ALI, which happens to hail from Shibuya in real life. The anime series is set to have its premiere in Japan on April 9th this year. The project has been partially funded by Funimation, so an English dub for western audiences is supposedly coming at a later date. TWEWY fans are surely going to be excited to see Neku and friends brought to new life in anime form. The World only begins here.

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