New Pickle Rick Funko Pop Figures Lets You Bring the Rick & Morty Favorite Home

Pickle Rick Funko

So far, the third season of the critically acclaimed Adult Swim series Rick & Morty has continued its streak of bizarre and hilarious scientific antics. One of the introductions in the new season that elicited the biggest celebratory response from the show’s fan base, save for the 1998 McDonalds’ Szechuan Sauce, has easily been the debut of Pickle Rick, the transformed version of Rick Sanchez that changed his physical form into that of a pickle, save for his facial features. Many memes and cosplays have risen in response to Rick’s silly experiment, and now, Rick & Morty fans can now bring home their very own Pickle Rick, as new Pickle Rick Funko Pop Figures have been announced.

Funko has announced on their official blog the two new Pickle Rick Funko Pop vinyl figures that will soon be in production. The two variants are based on Pickle Rick after he enhances his form with extra limbs recovered from sewer rats and mechanical weaponry. The first Pickle Rick figure has him cackling with glee as he brandishes dual wrist drill gauntlets used for fighting sewer rats. The second variant form has Pickle Rick armed with the laser he constructed to fight agents at the foreign embassy in the Pickle Rick episode.

As far as when you will be able to get your hands on your very own Pickle Rick, there will be a bit of a wait. Funko is expecting to have the two Pickle Rick figures ready this winter, hopefully in time for the holiday season, so boys and girls everywhere can be given the gift of PICKLE RICK! What do you guys think about the new Pickle Rick Funko Pop figures? Let us know in the comments below!

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