Atlus Shares Persona 2019 Plans And Teases New RPG

Persona 2019 Plans

Atlus had a brilliant year with 2018, with momentum from Persona 5 still going strong two years after its initial release. Fandom over the characters introduced in the latest sequel has exploded the series in popularity like never before, and this year Atlus rewarded that loyalty with not only a new rhythm game focused on the Persona 5 crew, but also a Persona 3-centric dancing game as well. Combine that with Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth on Nintendo 3DS and fans have had much to celebrate. Now, Atlus looks forward to the new year and dishes on their Persona 2019 plans.

4Gamer recently published their big set of year-end interviews with Japanese gaming developers, including several key Atlus members. In the interviews, Creative Producer Kazuhisa Wada mentions that Atlus has many plans for Persona for 2019, including the previously announced Ryougoku Kokugikan concert. He also asks for everyone’s continued support as they work on other unnamed Persona projects. As for everything else, Katsura Hashino from Studio Zero talks about the other games happening in 2019, including a brand new RPG that doesn’t involve Persona or Shin Megami Tensei. As he states:

With the goal of an official announcement, I’m making an entirely new RPG at our new studio that isn’t Shin Megami Tensei or Persona. I think it will be a game that hasn’t been done before. What is the future of the traditional fantasy anyhow? Confidence among the team is increasing each day as we move forward. Our minds are open and calm. We are progressing forward as not to get lost and are having fun while doing it, so I would like to continue that in 2019. Also, before our fantasy RPG, Studio Zero will release Catherine: Full Body on February 14. It depicts an extreme drama with lots of additional scenario. From beginners to experienced players, I think a wide range of players will enjoy it.”

So it would seem that Persona and SMT are not the only golden eggs that Atlus is focusing on next year. Hopefully it will give their development teams the chance to spread their wings and break from convention a little bit. Surely these will all be Treasures worth looking for. What do you guys think of Atlus’s Persona 2019 plans? Let us know in the comments below!

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