New Paper Mario and 2D Metroid Rumored For Nintendo Switch This Year

New Paper Mario

Nintendo Switch owners have had many wonderful games released for the device, with many great titles expected to be added to the console’s library this year. Though, few first-party titles from classic Nintendo franchises have been confirmed for 2020 besides Animal Crossing New Horizons. However, a known leaker of unreleased Nintendo information has made the interesting claim that new Paper Mario and 2D Metroid games are going to be released at some point this year.

Thes particular leak comes from Twitter user Sabi, who has been known in the past to leak the existence of Nintendo games in the works. Recently, Sabi shared some interesting rumors on their official Twitter account regarding new Nintendo Switch games. According to Sabi, 2020 will see the release of not only a new Paper Mario game but a new 2D Metroid game as well.

Sabi claims that the new Paper Mario game would “be going back to how it was”, likely implying it would undo the changes made to the franchise since Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The leaker also states that their source suggested the 2D Metroid title would be related to Metroid Fusion, with the game perhaps even being a sequel. Fans have been asking for evolutions for these particular two series, and hopefully, their return is confirmed so that Paper Mario and Metroid fans can play once more with power.

Would you guys like to see new Paper Mario or 2D Metroid games on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Nintendo news, such as the trailer for the new Super Nintendo World theme park, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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