New Mass Effect Game Will Reunite Multiple Devs From The Original Trilogy

New Mass Effect Game Will Reunite Multiple Devs From The Original Trilogy

One of the standout parts of The Game Awards 2020 was undeniably the release of the first trailer for the next Mass Effect game, which BioWare has been teasing on and off for quite some time now. While the new trailer seems to confirm the return of a fan-favorite character from the original trilogy, the recent departure of both Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have fans understandably concerned about the future of both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. While it’s saddening to picture a Mass Effect team that doesn’t include either of those two BioWare vets, it’s recently been announced that some of the developers from the original Mass Effect Trilogy will be returning to work on the new game.

Project Director Mike Gamble recently took to Twitter to name drop some of the folks that will be working on the upcoming Mass Effect game. Gamble revealed that narrative designer Dusty Everman (ME – 3, Andromeda) and Parrish Ley (ME 1 – 3) are two of the folks that worked on the original trilogy, left BioWare, and are now returning for the new game. Gamble goes on to reveal that Brenon Holmes, a veteran of the original trilogy, will also be joining the team.

All this seems specifically geared towards comforting the percentage of the player base that has concerns about the direction of the series following the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. If BioWare is truly bringing back Liara T’Soni, though, then the studio appears to be headed in the right direction.

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