New Far Cry 5 Footage Shows Diversity Of Play In 4K (VIDEO)

new Far Cry 5 footage

Easily one of the most anticipated games of the year and with only two months to go until release, new Far Cry 5 footage shows just how versatile gameplay can be. Set in the fictional town of Hope County, Montana, part of the gameplay is taking down outposts filled with baddies. Players can recruit allies to aid in these adventures that, in some cases, wind up completing the mission for them.

As part of an IGN First series, the video below features new Far Cry 5 footage that is guaranteed to make a case for those still on the fence. In the video, we are treated to three different methods of approach: Sniping, Sneaking, and Run-n-gun. Each method starts at the same point assaulting the same outpost and demonstrates just how versatile and interesting the gameplay is.

As seen in the new Far Cry 5 footage above, each run includes a different companion. For the sniping run, there is Grace; a sniper for hire who is deadly and efficient. For the sneaking mission, we have Boomer; a Pupper with a penchant for pegging baddie locations and bringing players weapons. Finally, in the run-n-gun scenario; Nick Ryan brings the pain with bombing runs and machine gun fire making death rain from above and below a dynamic duo.

The new Far Cry 5 footage joins the ranks of other 4K videos demonstrating what players can do in the latest installment of the franchise. Fans looking to get their hands on this can look forward to a release date on March 27th, 2018. Far Cry 5 will be available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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