New Dragon Age Rumors Spark – Voice Actor Responds to Fans

New Dragon Age game bioware

Just on the heels of launching into the Andromeda galaxy with BioWare’s new Mass Effect installment, rumors have sparked about another popular franchise of theirs. Voice actor Alix Wilton Regan sent Instagram into a bit of a frenzy on Wednesday when she posted a photo of her wearing headphones and standing in what appears to be a studio. Well, that was pretty obvious because her caption even said, “Back in the studio and breaking worlds apart… she’s a very very very angry #Elf.” Wait… breaking worlds apart? Elf? Very? Could this be the beginning of a new Dragon Age game?

Having been a few years since the release of Inquisition, it’s not entirely crazy to begin thinking about a new Dragon Age game – more so with all of the little teasers the developing team loves to leave for their Thedas lovers. Fans certainly didn’t think so because they were all too quick to jump on the potential of a new title in the DA franchise. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. At least not with this particular instance:

Alix was kind enough to respond to her fans that were speculating over whether or not the Instagram post had anything to do with a new Dragon Age game. She thanked them for their comments and said they “have made me smile from the inside out.” However, it was the following that drove the point home and put an end to the rumors:

Your passion and wit and wonder are a delight to me – I feel so grateful to have you here with me on this journey! This is not a #dragonage related post, but, the good news is, there are other elves out there! Promise!”

This, of course, is not the first thing to pop up about a potential Dragon Age 4. Back in October, Executive Producer Mark Darrah teased fans after Rockstar had released a something for the next Red Dead Redemption title. Then, a month later, he was back at it again with the Twitter posts, ensuring players were kept on their toes. Needless to say, something is coming. Will it be the new Dragon Age game? Only time will tell.

How does this bode with gamers out there? Is it too far-fetched to believe Alix is actually working on the next Dragon Age game, and she was saying that the post is not “Drago Nage” related? Will E3 be the curtain that gets drawn back and have all of the secrets exposed regarding the next installment in the DA universe? Drop a comment below with all of the theories, or start a conversation over on Don’t Feed the Gamers’ Disqus channel. For live gaming and entertainment news 24/7, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter. If it is more reading that is desired, check out the following:

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  • Mia Whiley Reply

    April 7, 2017 at 5:03 PM

    I wonder when it will be released, because if they are working on DA4 now they must of been working on DA4 for at least a couple of months back, but some of the people in charge of dragon age said otherwise.Maybe they are just trying to tease the DA fans definitely some mixed messages.

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    […] New Dragon Age Rumors Spark – Voice Actor Responds to Fans […]

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