New Crash Bandicoot Game Seemingly Teased By Sony (VIDEO)

New Crash Bandicoot Game

The current gaming generation has seen the revival of many popular franchises and characters from gaming’s past. From Spyro the Dragon to Bubsy the Bobcat, the cartoon animal mascots of yesteryear are returning for new generations to discover. Perhaps the most demanded return came in the form of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which faithfully recreated the first three games starring the marsupial. Fans loved this trilogy remake, as well as the Nitro Kart remake, but many have wondered if they might see Crash in a brand new adventure. Well, there might be a new Crash Bandicoot game in the works, based on a new PlayStation commercial.–zg6Ycnvs

PlayStation recently released the new Time To Play commercial on their official YouTube channel. The commercial features various popular PlayStation franchises interacting with potential players in the real world. These include the likes of Kratos, Cloud and the Fortnite Squad. Also seen early in the commercial is Crash Bandicoot friends engaging in a kart race in a parking garage. Crash and his Kart are seen accompanied by Aku Aku the floating mask, but behind Coco, a new mask follows her, as many fans have noticed.

With the mask having not appeared in any previous Crash game, this led many to theorize that it would be introduced in a new Crash Bandicoot game that has yet to be released or announced. This theory was only further supported by Spyro remake artist Nikolas Cole, who shared the tweet with an emoji suggesting the fan theory may be on to something. With The Game Awards 2019 right around the corner, it’s possible the new Crash Bandicoot game might be announced then. Still, it’s good to see the old Bandicoot making new mask friends. That alone is worth saying “Woah” to.

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