New Crash Bandicoot

New Crash Bandicoot Reveal Teased For The Game Awards

The nostalgia cycle has brought back many classic video game franchises in recent years, with one of the more successful reiterations having been the return of Crash Bandicoot. The marsupial…

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Remaster Warehouse demo release date

Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot Remake Studio Merges Into Blizzard

Developer Vicarious Visions has seemingly been on a roll in recent years, having moved up from existence as an Activision support studio to assembling two of the most appreciated remake…

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More Activision Remasters Confirmed For Later This Year

More Activision Remasters Confirmed For Later This Year

Taking a stroll down memory lane has become much more manageable in this day and age with the prevalence of remakes and remasters making their way to modern platforms. Activision…

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New Crash Bandicoot Game

New Crash Bandicoot Game Seemingly Teased By Sony (VIDEO)

The current gaming generation has seen the revival of many popular franchises and characters from gaming’s past. From Spyro the Dragon to Bubsy the Bobcat, the cartoon animal mascots of…

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June 2018

June 2018: Here’s The Full List Of Games Releasing (VIDEO)

While the month of June may be overflowing with anticipated E3 presentations and the lovely celebration of LGBT pride, the hype train of video game releases still continues on. Even…

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Crash Bandicoot 4 nintendo switch Release

Crash Bandicoot Release For Switch, Xbox One, And PC Sooner Than Expected (VIDEO)

Crash Bandicoot‘s modern resurgence in the remastered N. Sane Trilogy has been a thrill for those who game on the PlayStation 4, but everyone else was particularly pleased when the…

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Crash Bandicoot Developer

Crash Bandicoot Developer Announced For Nintendo Switch N. Sane Trilogy Port

To say that everyone’s favorite digital marsupial is living his best life would be an understatement. When the N. Sane Trilogy released last year for PlayStation 4, it became an…

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N. Sane Trilogy Xbox One activision

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Xbox One and PC Versions Confirmed

The internet was set ablaze when Nintendo aired their latest Direct presentation. Not only did we learn that Super Smash Bros. would be making its grand entrance into the ring…

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Spyro the Dragon demo code

Spyro The Dragon Demo Code Found Within Crash Bandicoot Datamine

With all of the evidence popping up lately that points to Activision working on a Spyro the Dragon trilogy remaster, fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to…

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Crash Bandicoot Nintendo Switch

Crash Bandicoot Nintendo Switch Listing Appears On Retailer’s Website

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy launched early last year and fans have delighted in the fun of destroying boxes, chomping on some wumpa fruit, and collecting all those elusive…

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