New Civilization 6 DLC Nubia Coming Soon – Here is the Low Down (VIDEO)

The next playable civilization has been revealed by 2K and Firaxis for the game Civilization 6. It will be called Nubia and is led by Queen Amanitore. The new DLC features the Ta-Seti ability, which is unique to the game and it gives bonus protection whenever ranged units are made. It also helps those units gain more experience in a shorter amount of time during combat. Another bonus is that mines will provide extra production than normal when they’re built on strategic resources and extra gold when built on luxury.

In this Civilization 6 DLC, Queen Amanitore’s unique ability is called Kandake of Meroe and it gives an extra production bonus whenever districts are being constructed. The districts can even be improved more if a Nubian Pyramid, which is a new tile improvement,  is located close to the city center. To create a Nubian Pyramid, players must have Masonry and it can only be made on Desert, Flood Plain, and Desert Hill tiles and will give faith and some other bonuses that will be based off of adjacent tiles. Check out the first look below:

Ta-Seti and Nubia’s new unit, the Pitati, go together nicely since both are faster and stronger than the Archer unit they both replace and can be upgraded to the Crossbowman. There was no release date announced for this new Civilization 6 DLC other than “soon”, but if players own the Digital Deluxe edition of the game, they will get the Nubia DLC free.

So what do the players think of the new Civilization 6 DLC? Are you excited for the brand new content? Let us know in the comment section below and then head to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page to stay updated on all the hottest gaming news 24/7! Did you hear that Rayman Legends for the Nintendo Switch finally has a release date AND a demo coming soon? Read all about it here!

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