Netflix’s The Witcher Reveals 7 New Characters For Season 2

Netflix's The Witcher Season 2 Henry Cavill

While it’s been well over a year since the bard last sang his melodic tales of Geralt of Rivia, it appears the long-awaited Season 2 may not be that far away as the anticipated production has made significant headway in recent weeks. Though a recent injury suffered by star Henry Cavill and complications of the COVID-19 pandemic have threatened to delay new episodes indefinitely, Netflix has nonetheless conjured a way forward, recently announcing seven new characters set to join the fantasy book/video game adaptation.

As revealed in a recent post on Twitter, several actors and actresses have now joined the cast of Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2, with quite a few inhabiting significant roles in the popular Witcher universe. The new season notably confirms Cassie Clare for the role of Philippa Eilhart, Kevin Doyle as elf character Ba’lian, as well as Adjoa Andoh as Nenneke after each of their characters were already revealed through unofficial means.

Also part of the announcement, Graham McTavish joins the adaptation as head of the Redanian Intelligence Sigismund Dijkstra, Chris Fulton plays the formidable mage Rience, and Simon Callow and Liz Carr portray the detective duo of Codringher and Fenn. Revealed across a series of posts, each new inclusion to Netflix’s The Witcher was also given a short character description, which can be viewed below.

  • Nenneke
    • As a Priestess, Nenneke is a mother figure to many lost travelers who find themselves seeking refuge at the gates of Melitele Temple. She has nursed many, including Geralt, back to health with her elixirs, ointments, and level-headed advice.
  • Philippa Eilhart
    • Equal parts charming and conniving, Philippa Eilhart is a primary advisor to Redania’s King Vizimir. Her ability to figuratively — and literally — shapeshift through courts and parties alike makes her one of the most influential sorceresses within the Continent’s politics.
  • Dijkstra
    • As head of the Redanian Intelligence secret service, double crossers and ne’er do wells all over the Continent know Sigismund Dijkstra’s name when whispered. His impressive style and physical strength are second to his knowledge of kings and mages and getting everything he wants.
  • Ba’lian
    • Having escaped violent round-ups in the North, Ba’lian is one of many elves seeking safe refuge in unexpected places on the Continent. Brave and principled, his journey intersects with some surprising characters, who are inspired by his refusal to go down without a fight.
  • Rience
    • A sadistic mage with a penchant for fire, Rience is employed by a mysterious lord in order to hunt down a prized jewel. His cruel tactics leave deep scars wherever he goes… though he’ll try in vain to escape without some of his own.
  • Codringher and Fenn
    • Partners-in-crime — ostensibly, solving crime — Codringher and Fenn deal in the business of information: gathering, knowing, revealing, and even burying, for the right price. Codringher acts as the face of the business, while Fenn stays buried in her research; neither have ever been presented with a mystery as all-encompassing as the one about to drop into their Dorian office.

With the reveal of all this new character information, it’s growing likely that production on season 2 might be on its last stretch and it won’t be long until Netflix confirms the news in an official manner. Filming has certainly had a long road over the last year and it’ll be exciting when the work finally shifts into post-production. While it might be a good while before either occasion is official, there certainly isn’t a shortage of Witcher content as of late, with an official board game, a live-action prequel series as well as a Netflix anime series all in the works.

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